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Referral Process

A FREE 30 minute phone consultation is offered to anyone wishing to discuss their concerns. This may be for the person to “check out the service” or worried family members or friends who wants advice on how to proceed with a referral. Consultations are, of course, confidential.

Athlete Alive CyclingAssessment

Dr Lipsey is interested about the nature of problems, how they come about and how they manifest themselves in people’s lives. She will spend time enquiring about strengths that people have in order to cope with the difficulties. She is non-judgemental, empathic and enthusiastic about people achieving the best they can in their lives and having a good work-life balance.

Throughout the assessment, Dr Lipsey creates a picture of your life, which is presented to you in a diagrammatic form. You will then discuss together the best way forward. If it is jointly agreed that psychological treatment will be beneficial, she will explore the therapeutic options and what this may involve for you.

Assessments can last up to 3 sessions and you can then decide whether or not you wish to proceed with treatment.


Every person is unique and each treatment package will be thoughtfully and carefully designed accordingly. At every stage of this process you will be consulted.

  • Sessions are usually a series of weekly or fortnightly hour-long sessions and become less frequent as the problem features less in your life.
  • The length of the treatment depends on the nature of the problem and the person’s personal commitments.
  • Ending of treatment is planned and review sessions can be agreed.
  • Individual, family and joint appointments are available.